What are the delivery charges ?

There are two delivery option

*Normal Delivery – Rs.15 and we will deliver the products in 2 hours form the starting time of selected time slot.

*Fast Delivery – Rs.30 and we will deliver the products in less than 80 minutes from the order receiving time.

*Fast delivery is only available for selected areas.

*For Non-Prime Areas Delivery charges maybe higher than usual.

NOTE – Delivery may delay on natural causes like rain, flood etc.

Can we return any product ?

Technically you cannot return the order. However if you have any complaint regarding the product then you can raise a complaint and we will surely replace it.

What are the payment methods available ?

We accept Credit card, Debit card, Wallet, UPI and Cash on delivery.

What if a product is not available in the website ?

Because large number of variants of same products, some variants and products might be missing. But we provide you an order note section where you can request any product missing and we will add the product along with the delivery parcel or you can call our customer care number(+91 69 13 004 006) for any request or you can give any suggestion to our delivery person. We will definitely hear you and make the product available on our app/website.